TIPTOE brings the right touch of elegance and flexibility to all your projects. Whether you are looking for restaurant tables, design desks or benches with industrial looks, TIPTOE products fit into almost all kinds of decors and they will surely differentiate your projects from those using traditional furniture.

Pro Pricing

Take advantage of professional pricing with no order minimum. Ask us for a quote via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Sizes: 40 cm (15.7'') and 75 cm (29.5'')

Our TIPTOE  legs are available in two sizes: 40 cm (15.7”) which is ideal for a bench or a coffee table and 75 cm (29.5”) for a desk or a kitchen table.

Indoor and Outdoor

We have developed a a range of products designed specifically for outdoor use. Our outdoor legs have a special coating that makes them ultra-resistant to outdoor conditions (anti-UV, anti-corrosion 100% polyester painting).

Easy Installation

You don’t need tools to build furniture with TIPTOE. With our legs and almost any kind of surface, you will be able to build a table or a bench in no time.

A full range of products

In addition to our legs, TIPTOE offers a range of table tops and other surfaces so your bring the right touch of originality to your creations.

Custom Colours

Are you looking for a specific colour as part of your project? We can produce TIPTOE legs with the colour you want for any order of at least 400 units.


Our products are manufactured in some of Europe’s best factories. We have built strong relationships with our partners and we have made sure our products are made in good conditions with high-quality locally-sourced products.

Are you willing to include TIPTOE in your awesome projects? Feel free to reach out to PROJECTS@TIPTOE.FR ! We’ll get back to you shortly.

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